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Grietje Boskase was born in 1937 in Holland, studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie -School of Applied Arts (Fashion and Textiles) in Amsterdam before leaving with her husband, George, for East Africa in 1958, where they lived for over 10 years.

From early childhood Grietje had a passion for drawing and design, a key competence which has served her so well during her studies and into later life. The beautiful scenery and the population in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya motivated her to paint the real African life. It was here that she started painting with oil. She was successful right from the start participating in many Exhibitions, including her own in the Uganda Museum in Kampal. In 1965 was awarded a major prize from (the then) President of Uganda, Sir Edward Mutesa, to honour her for the way in which her paintings such as “Bwola Dancers” highlighted the colourful African culture.

In 1968 Grietje and her family returned to Holland in order to organise the further education of their 4 children. She continued to paint and design and to exhibit her work at the various galleries in Amsterdam , giving much pleasure to those who admired it.
In 1979 she was on the move again, this time to France,at Louveciennes, a region so much loved by the “Impressionists”, an area that also inspired her!

In 1988, Grietje moved again, this time to Switzerland where she found new inspiration. She settled in Saint Triphon in 1990 where she is seduced by the village and its inhabitants, the vineyards and all the work involved, together with the outstandingly beautiful landscape and mountains in the region. Her very diverse work of designs and paintings depicts all she loves there, the historical fountains, old villages and farmhouses, the people working in the vineyards ,“les anciens du village” as well as members of the Fanfare and some children.

Grietje’s work is a travelogue of her life highlighting so many of the places she has lived or visited including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, India, China and, of course, Switzerland.

Part of her extensive collection of paintings and designs, shown here, illustrate all she loves.

The artist in her garden

St-Triphon 2010